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Three Steps On How To Clean your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Three Steps On How To Clean your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Stella Jin |

Are You Cleaning Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture the Right Way? Different types of materials need different cleaning methods. Because of its durability, stability and longer use, Outdoor Wicker Furniture has been become one of the most popular choices for people who would like to create a comfortable space.  

Note: Outdoor Wicker Furniture commonly refers to synthetic vinyl and resins in order to withstand the elements including the sun, rain or extreme dryness.

Although outdoor wicker furniture could withstand extreme weather conditions, it is important to clean them. Just Find out the simple and clear steps.


1. Use a cover firstly when not in use

You’ll probably find many outdoor wicker Furniture has covers available and we’re no different there (Link). Whether or not you have a covered outdoor wicker furniture, you'll need a protective cover for your outdoor space. The most effective way to keep your furniture looking beautiful is to cover it, both during the winter months and whenever rain is expected. Not only could it keep your furniture dry, but also help your investment last longer. In terms of cover material, the best suggestion I can give is to choose the waterproof fabric and reliable UV resistance.

2.Prepare tools for your cleaning process

We conclude that there are several tools you may need during the cleaning process. First, collect a bucket of warm water and mix the natural detergent and water up. Other tools include soft bristle brush and garden hose. Please do not forget to remove any fabric, cushions which originally put on your outdoor wicker furniture before you start your clean.

3.Now Let’s work out

Starting from the top to the bottom, use brush to rub warm, soapy water into the wicker weave gently. The brush can remove any build-up in the weaving. But do not over-saturate the wicker with water. Place the furniture outside in the sun, or a well-ventilated area and allow it to dry thoroughly.


Of course, Cleaning outdoor wicker furniture isn’t always an interesting task, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated either using these tips. Once you complete the cleaning process, the lifespan of outdoor wicker furniture will make huge progresses.