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Advice on Online shopping for Patio Furniture Set

Advice on Online shopping for Patio Furniture Set

Stella Jin |

Hi congretulation to you firstly since you have started paying more attention to decorating your patio! 

From my piont of an experienced patio funiture customer service member, here are several tips for your reference according to the most frequent complains from the buyers.



If you have enough budget and require simple and time-saving, it's not advised to purchase the seating group online. Because most patio furniture sets need assembly, so please read carefully before pay an order which is very important! 

Addtionally, due to the package size limitation, a set might be delivered in several boxes that will show up days apart with the kits package usually in one of them. Hence it had better begin your work after you make sure all boxes recevied.  


Before finally payment, it's suggeted to double check the size map of the set. If it's too abstract to understand the real size just by the data, you could measure your chair or seat which makes you comfortable and do a basic comparasion with that of the set. For more detailed info required, don't hesitate to contact with the seller by email. 


If you have fulfill the 2 points above, please don't forget to see the reviews and comment from other buyers if have. If not, searching in your local stores to find a similar set is also a good idea. Under the precondition that the set is assembly required, no big difference will there be between online and offline. Or you could require the seller provide raw photos without modification to give you a more objective reference.


Hope you will get the right set as expected!